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Super BAWK BAWK Chicken

Run, Jump, Dash, and Bawk your way through this quirky infinite runner. As a charming chicken with super powers, you’ll collect whacky items, catch rowdy rascals and soar to new highscores in Super BAWK BAWK Chicken!

Release Milestones

Steam Release: July 18 2023

Bawk Bawk launched on Steam on the 18th of July 2023. Initially launching with a demo during Next Fest in June 2023. Both the demo and the full game are now available on the Steam store. Feel free to pop by and give our game a go! Get Super BAWK BAWK Chicken on Steam

Mobile Release: Late 2023 - Early 2024

iOS Release: December 25th 2023
Android Release: January 25th 2024

We were already testing Bawk Bawk on phones, and it was a lot of fun! Shortly after our Steam release, our team worked hard to ensure that everything works as it should on mobile. When we fixed most of the big bugs, we released Super BAWK BAWK Chicken on Android and iOS.

Nintendo Switch Release: IN DEVELOPMENT

After launching Bawk Bawk on Mobile, we're switching some of our focus to the Switch! We're hard at work sorting out the porting, and will update this milestone once we have an idea of when release to Switch can be expected.

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Media Pack

Looking to create content related to BAWK BAWK? Download the Super BAWK BAWK Chicken media pack!

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