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Daytime Devs -
Three brothers with a passion for games!

Who we are

Daytime Devs is a small indie games company based in South Australia.

Our History

Our journey into gaming started as kids playing Gameboy and Nintendo 64 games, and continues with today's PC, Mobile, and Switch games. Gaming has brought us joy, inspiration, and entertainment for years and we would love to share that experience with others through the games we make.

We've always been making games for our friends and family. Starting with GameMaker, and then moving to Unity, we've made a slew of small games that have helped us iterate on ideas and grow. After many different prototypes, we decided it was time to release one. That's when we founded Daytime Devs.

Our Team

Daylight (Luke)

Science Graduate from University of Adelaide who's always had a strong affiliation with logic. I've held many roles such as 5+ years as an Army Reserves Information Systems Technician, 5+ years AVCon Volunteer, 1 year as a full time IT Consultant and past and current Math Tutor. With my Army highlight being helping on Kangaroo Island when the Bush Fire tragedies hit.

I have been making games since I was in primary school in programs such as GameMaker, Flash, RPG maker, Age of Mythology map editor, Portal 2 level editor, Tabletop simulator, and now Unity. I have also created card games and quizzes. All of these games I have shared with my family, especially my brothers who have always given me plenty of feedback.

Last year I quit my workplace in an attempt to turn my hobby of making games into a professional job. Roping my brothers in, we founded Daytime Devs.

HolyDiver (Scott)

They say it takes over 10,000 hours to master a skill, with well over 10,000 hours gaming you think I'd be a pro right? Wrong, I'm the shiniest of the Silvers, the middle of the pack and absolute average gamer... but that's okay, I have many skills outside of gaming. I'm a 3D modeler, Artist, Handyman, and a pretty decent cook. I Love getting my hands working on stuff and diving headfirst into my passions.

Favourite games include Mario Kart 64, the Witcher 3, Escape from Tarkov, Halo(1,2,3), and Goldeneye 64.

Super BAWK BAWK Chicken is the first game I've worked on in a professional manner and I am loving the process so far and I can't wait for it to be released!

NodeReaver (Alex)

Web developer and team leader by day, game developer and gamer by night. I've worked on a number of game prototypes and mods over the last ~15 years, but always as a hobby.

I'm a full-stack web developer (front-end leaning), with over 10 years of experience. My skills focus around the areas of accessibility, performance, and security.

I've loved games my whole life, with a fondness of titles like Pokemon, Halo, Golden Sun, Subnautica, Minecraft, and Zelda.

A long time ago, I created and maintained a Minecraft mod known as The Node Pack. I also worked with a friend, using Java 3D to create a beta version of the unreleased game Turret Tactix, which was on display at the AVCon indie games room in 2011.

I'm starting my professional game development journey with Super BAWK BAWK Chicken and am keen to finally release a game!